Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dance practice sarees

Dance practice sarees are special sarees made only to wear during dance practice. Indian classical dancers wear practice saree while practicing Kuchipudi or Bharatanatyam or Mohiniyattam. Usually, for younger generation a tights (bottom) and a loose top is preferred. But generally in India, wearing the pant and top is considered non-traditional or western. So the practice sarees came in handy. Regular sarees are so long and tall, which takes a long time to wear and very inconvenient to do the vigorous practice and physical activity. These practice sarees are short and less tall, making them very comfortable for dance practice. The dance practice sarees are made of cotton usually.

On top of every thing, the beauty of a dancer in traditional practice saree in incomparable with any other attire other than her actual Bharatanatyam dance or Kuchipudi dance dress.

Please see below some of our dance practice sarees

Kuchipudi practice saree

dance saree
 Kalakshetra  saree